Bachelor Of Science In Environmental Health

5 years


Health Sciences

The course module structure is as follows:

Year One

Semester 1
Code Course Title
BS 111 Biology and Genetics
C 101 Introduction to Chemistry I
M 111 Mathematical Methods I
P 191 Introduction to Physics I
ITC 111 Information Technology and Communication
Semester 2
BS 112 System Biology
C 102 Introduction to Chemistry II
M 112 Mathematical Methods II
P 192 Introduction to Physics II


Year Two

Semester 1
Code Course Title
EH 211 Introduction to Environmental Health, Water Supply and Sanitation
EH 231 Biomedical Science I
EH 241 Building Construction I
EH 261 Introduction to Law and Constitution
Semester 2
EH 222 Principle of Occupational Health and Hygiene
EH 242 Building Construction II
EH 252 Biomedical Science II
EH 262 Communication Skills



Year Three

Semester 1
Code Course Title
EH 321 Occupational Hygiene and Ergonomics
EH 331 Social Development Studies
EH 341 Building Construction III
EH 351 Veterinary Diseases of Food Animals and General Pathology
Semester 2
EH 312 Introduction to Environmental Health Science
EH 332 Pestology
EH 342 Building Construction IV
EH 352 Food Microbiology


Year Four

Semester 1
Code Course Title
EH 431 Communicable and Non- Communicable Diseases
EH 441 Inspection of Premises and Reporting
EH 451 Food Chemistry, Composition and Nutrition
EH 461 Biostatistics and Epidemiology
Semester 2
EH 422 Occupational Accidents and Disease
EH 432 Practical Meat Inspection
EH 452 Food Safety and Hygiene
EH 493 Industrial Training (Compulsory) I


Year Five

Semester 1
Code Course Title
EH 511 Environmental Monitoring
EH 521 Risk Analysis (Assessments and Management)
EH 551 Food Preservation, Processing and Inspection
EH 515 Elective (either: Occupational Hygiene, Vector borne Diseases, Environmental Epidemiology, Low cost Housing Techniques and Appropriate Technology, Food Hygiene and Inspection)
Semester 2
EH 531 Health Promotion and Education
EH 532 Health sector Management
EH 590 Environmental and Occupational Health Project
EH 593 Industrial Training (Compulsory) II

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