Bachelor Of Science In Public Health

4 years


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Health Sciences

Course Module structure is as follows:

Year One

Semester 1
Code Course Title
BPH 111 Introduction to Biology and Chemistry
BPH 112 Mathematics and Physics
BPH 113 General Principles of Social Psychology
BPH 114 Introduction to Computer and Information Communication Technology
BPH 115 Introduction to Public Administration and Political Education
Semester 2
BPH 121 General Principals of Public Health
BPH 122 Law and Ethics in Public Health Practice
BPH 123 Communication Skills and Business Environment
BPH 124 Health Promotion and Education
BPH 125 Management of Health Information System


Year Two

Semester 1
Code Course Title
BPH 211 Epidemiology
BPH 212 Biostatistics
BPH 213 Health System Research and Project
BPH 214 Communicable Diseases
BPH 215 Non-communicable Diseases
Semester 2
BPH 221 Mental Health
BPH 222 Food Technology and Hygiene
BPH 223 Water Supply and Sanitation
BPH 224 Toxicology and Drugs
BPH 225 Anthropoids of Medical Importance



Year Three

Semester 1
Code Course Title
BPH 311 Applied Environmental Health and Pollution
BPH 312 Occupational Health and Ergonomics
BPH 313 Occupational Accidents and Disease
BPH 314 Health Mapping and GIS
BPH 315 Field Attachments I and Dissertation
Semester 2
BPH 321 Food Chemistry and Nutrition
BPH 322 Human Resource Management
BPH 323 Risk Assessment and Disaster Management
BPH 324 Community Health services
BPH 325 Public Health Informatics


Year Four

Semester 1
Code Course Title
BPH 411 Organizational Theory and Behaviour
BPH 412 Health Service Management and Policy
BPH 413 Health Economics and Financing
BPH 414 Health System Development and Management
BPH 315 Field Attachments II and Finalisation of Dissertation
Semester 2
BPH 421 Climate Change and Public Health
BPH 422 Strategic Management and Health Planning
BPH 423 Reproductive, Maternal and Child Health
BPH 424 Project Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation
BPH 425 Seminars on Current Issues in Public Health

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