Diploma in Environmental Health

3 years


UCZ University, Main Campus, Kitwe   View map


Health Sciences

The following modules are offered:

Year One

Semester 1
Code Course Title
ENV 111 Environmental Science
APS 111 Applied Science I (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics)
SOS 111 Social Sciences (Psychology and Sociology)
ITC 111 Information Technology and Communication
BAS 111 Basic Science I (Human Anatomy and Physiology)
BUT 111 Building Science and Technology I
PET 112 Pestology and Toxicology
Semester 2
APS 122 Applied Science II (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics)
BAS 122 Basic Science II(Nutrition)
BUT 122 Building Science and Technology II
SAN 112 Sanitation I
WQM 112 Water Quality Management I
COH 112 Community Health I
DIC 112 Disease Control I
CHP 112 Field Course I (Community Health Practical)



Year Two

Semester 1
Code Course Title
WAM 211 Waste Management I
PET 221 Pestology and Toxicology II
BUT 122 Building Science and Technology II
SAN 221 Sanitation II
WQM 221 Water Quality Management II
COH 221 Community Health II
DIC 221 Disease Control II
EPL 211 Environmental Planning
RPR Field Course II (Rural Practical
Semester 2
DIC 232 Disease Control III
FOS 212 Food Safety I
MIZ 212 Meat Inspection and Zoonosis I
SAN 232 Sanitation III
WQM 232 Water Quality Management III
INP 212 Inspection of Premises
BUT 232 Building Science and Technology III
PAM 212 Public Health Administration and Management I


Year Three

Semester 1
Code Course Title
FOS 321 Food Safety II
HSR 311 Health System Research
PAM 321 Public Health Administration and Management II
MIZ 321 Meat Inspection and Zoonosis II
WAM 321 Waste Management II
HMIS 311 Health Management Information System I
UPR 331 Field Course III (Urban Practical)
Semester 2
FOS 322 Food Safety III
PET 332 Pestology and Toxicology III
EPC 312 Environmental Pollution Control
EEP 322 Environmental Epidemiology
MIZ 312 Meat Inspection and Zoonosis III
OHS 312 Occupational Health and Safety
HMIS 322 Health Management Information System II
PMI 342 Field Course IV (Practical Meat Inspection)

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