UCZ University Vision

To be a premier Christian University of excellence in pursuit of knowledge that is empowering, upholds the dignity of all creation and brings the fullness of life.

Mission Statement

The mission of the United Church of Zambia University is to seek and impart knowledge that transforms the society through selfless service and values that promote the wellbeing of all God’s creation.


Knowledge and Education for Service and Fullness of Life


  • Provision of quality Education and Research
  • Commitment to high standards in Academic programmes on offer to meet international standards.


  • Commitment to professionalism, social accountability and self-discipline among staff and students
  • Cultivating a spirit of service to the community
  • Allowing staff and students to identify themselves in the world of academia through research and publications.


  • Infrastructure Development and Rehabilitation
  • Finance Planning and Management
  • Academic Programme Development
  • University Management and Governance
  • Human Resources Management
  • Student Welfare
  • University Marketing

Core Values

  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Relationships of mutual respect and trust
  • Self-sustaining and competitive education outcomes
  • Ecumenicity
  • Upholding the dignity of human life.
  • Commitment to ethical behaviour, transparency and accountability
  • Creation of an atmosphere of collegiality and open communication
  • Commitment to staff development programmes