About UCZ University


Located less than 10 kilometres from the city of Kitwe Town Centre, off the Kitwe Chingola Road within MEF campus in Mindolo, is the United Church of Zambia University. The United Church of Zambia University incorporates the former Kashinda bible college and the former United Church of Zambia Theological College.

The institution was established by the London Missionary society in 1949 in Mporokoso as training centre for the clergy.  The institution moved to Mindolo campus in 1961 following the decision to transfer the training of ministers from Mporokoso to Kitwe. After Church Union in 1965, the name of the institution changed from ministerial training centre to United Church of Zambia Theological College. The institution grew from offering certificate and diploma programmes in Theology to offering degree programmes in Theology in collaboration with the University of the Western Cape in South Africa. In 2012, the name of the institution changed from United Church of Zambia Theological College to United Church of Zambia University (College) after registration with the Ministry of Education under the 1999 University Act (Now 2013 Higher Education Act).  The institution has four schools.


The United Church of Zambia University strives to create a learning environment where students are encouraged to exercise freedom of thought and grow intellectually under the tutelage of academic staff. This atmosphere of intellectual nurture is founded on solid teaching resources and a professional, academic library service that complements the skills of its qualified teaching staff.

It is a central objective of the United Church of Zambia University that all her students achieve their full potential and will endeavour to provide each student with the support and guidance to required to achieve this. The university will do its utmost to ensure that its graduates become useful members of society in the service of humanity and the community

Religion and Code of Conduct

While embracing the tenets of academic freedom, UCZ is open to any member of the community regardless of their religious persuasion. It is worth bearing in mind, however, that the University will operate on the basis of the principles and practices which underline the Christian faith of the University, the owners of the University. It will therefore be the expectation that all students and staff will be required to comply with the UCZ Code of Conduct.