Agreements, Accreditation and Memberships


UCZ has entered into an agreement with the University of Western Cape in the Republic of South Africa.



UCZ University is registered with the Higher Education Authority(HEA) in Zambia. All the programmes are accredited with the HEA. HEA inspects the institution from time to time to ensure quality assurance. The University is also registered with the Teaching Council in Zambia(TCZ) and the Health Professions Council in Zambia(HPCZ). Some diploma and certificate programmes are accredited by TEVETA.


UCZ is also a member of the following organizations:


Association of Theological Institutions in Southern and Central Africa(ATISCA).

Theological Association of Zambia (TAZ)

Registered with the Technical Vocational Educational Training Authority (TEVETA)

The government body responsible for keeping educational standards in privately – owned educational institutions in Zambia