• Upon arrival at the University, candidates are required to register as a mark of
admission and are issued student identification cards which bear their student
identification number.

• Students will be issued a handbook covering academic regulations and their conduct
as students, as part of the registration process.

• ALL students are required to participate in a orientation course, prior to the
commencement of lectures.

• Only registered students, who have completed the course registration formalities will
be permitted to attend lectures.


Forfeiture of an Offer of Admission

Offers of admission are only valid for the calendar year such offer was made.



• Tuition will be through attendance of lectures, supplemented by tutorials and

• Depending upon the nature of the programme, students will be required to do practical
work, internships and undertake research projects which will contribute to their final



In order for a student to advance or progress to next semester/year, he/she must pass all the prescribed courses.